Co-Reg Marketing Tools for Lead Gen and CPA Networks

LeadGenetics provides Co-reg marketing tools to affiliate marketers and CPA networks alike. Our advanced screening platform will ensure your lead generation offers only receive traffic that is interested in interacting with the offer.

Our custom built co-reg platform provides multiple page styles, layouts, and screening options to ensure even the hardest of incentive traffic can be monetized.

Co-reg Solutions for CPA Networks and Affiliate Marketers

Increase Lead Quality
Quick Screening
Unique Solutions
Detect Fraud
Advertisers want quality leads and they have zero tolerance for low quality leads. Leadgenetics will filter your traffic to make sure only those interested in your CPA offer get through.
We will review the information your visitors enter against our large database. If we find that your visitor has provided invalid information, we will forward them to the exit URL of your choice.
Co-reg is not a new concept, but an open platform that allows anyone to create a co-reg path in minutes is! Our focus is taking questionable traffic and filtering it into clean traffic.
Sensitive advertisers will ban your account if a very small percentage of fraud sneaks through. Leadgenetics works to remove the fraud before they even see your sensitive offer.

Leadgenetics services

Converting low quality traffic into high quality leads.
lead quality and traffic screening
Traffic Screening
Protect a Single CPA Offer

It's no secret, sensitive non-incentive CPA offers have the highest payouts, and incentive traffic is the cheapest traffic you can buy.

In most cases, incentive traffic IS the same as non-incentive traffic EXCEPT there are a few bad apples which will upset any sensitive advertiser. Leadgenetics works to remove the bad traffic to make sure your advertiser only sees your quality traffic.

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Coreg offer page examples
Co-Reg Platform
Display Multiple Offers and Gather Visitor Data

A co-reg path will walk your incentivized visitors through various high paying non-incentive CPA offers. If your visitor decides to complete an offer that interests them, you will earn a commission from your advertiser. If they decide to not complete an offer, they will exit the co-reg path at their own option.

Co-reg path's provide quality leads to sensitive advertisers by asking your visitor to only interact with offers that interest them. Think of it as walking a potential customer through your store. You can show the potential customer various products, and if they're not interested then they don't have to buy anything, but chances are they will find a product they like.

We offer 7 fully customizable and unique Co-reg page layouts. You decide how many questions you want to ask, how many answer options you would like to give, which pages you use, the order pages are displayed, how many times you use a page, and the domain name and design of your landing page. Our easy to use co-reg path creation wizard will help you setup a co-reg path quicker than you ever imagined.

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More reasons why you’ll love Leadgenetics

Simple setup

Setting up a campaign is easy and only takes a few minutes with our wizard.

Fast screening

It takes our system less than one second to verify your visitor's information.

99.9% uptime

The availability of your website is our top priority. We stand by that fact with our uptime guarantee!